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  1. ESL Kids Lab : English Teaching materials for ESL children, ESL kids worksheets, Online Videos, Powerpoint Downloads,Games for ESL Classrooms, Lesson plans, for primary school, kindergarten, nursery school, Execellent teaching resources for teachers & Parents.www.english-4kids.com

  2. ESL Galaxy - ESL Lesson Plan Portal
    ESL lesson plan materials, printable worksheets & Games for Teaching English, Speaking, ESL kids materials, grammar exercises, reading and writing materials, Interactive grammar & Vocabulary Exercises for students. http://www.esl-galaxy.com

  3. ESL Teachers Board - Free teaching materials, jobs and resumes. eslteachersboard.com

  4. See the new iBT TOEFL Practice CD, e-books, and downloads for your iPod or computer at http://englishtelecampus.com.

  5. sitesforteachers.com

  6. החלפת קישורים

  7. Learn English Directory

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