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Talent Games is a sub-division of Tal Books, Israel's largest ELT importer and distributor, which was founded in 1995 and since then has established a reputation of excellence and ingenuity in the field of supplementary materials for English teaching.

For many people, acquiring a new language is not an easy task. Among kids, it may often even result in frustration and reluctance. Bearing that in mind, Talent set out to make learning more fun for students and to ease their tensions. Our goal is to make quality games that are both fun and didactic at the same time.

Our games are designed so that they can be played by anyone regardless of their knowledge in English. The rules are easy to understand and the illustrations are familiar.

Today, Talent is a national leader in educational card games in English. Our team of experts includes professionals with years of experience in fields such as English teaching and child-psychology. Much effort and hard work are invested in each of our products, both in the development and in the manufacturing process. The results are overwhelming.

Talent Card Games are enjoyed by kids all over Israel and it is now our intention to broaden our horizons and seek new markets around the world.

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